Whatsapp business is a software application that brings to you the online communication that you’ve been longing for. WhatsApp business makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers on a scale that you are actually comfortable with. The online chat-based platform acts as your business profile where you can display the title of your business and you can write your messages, post media and updates, among others.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business

For a business to use WhatsApp business, you will have to download a mobile application from the Google Play store. Once your account has been set up, you can ask your customers to contact you. Once you have them in your WhatsApp Business group, you will be able to interact with them anytime they want. Getting in touch with your customers as soon as they reach out to you can be done. It’s really as simple as sending them a message and they can also respond to you directly from there.

Benefits of Using Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp business is a great way for any business to communicate with its customers. If you want to run your business with some simple and speedy tasks, this is the ideal platform to be on. The real-time business profiles are able to interact with your customers 24/7 and interact with them from a distance. You can interact with them as well as give them your notice of availability if they need to know. Let’s discuss top five benefits of Whatsapp business:

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1.    Customer Service

You get customer service even from the comfort of your smartphone. The Whatsapp business feature makes it possible for you to receive your customers’ queries from anywhere you are, at any time. They can be booked right there. The customer service is something that every business needs, especially now that we live in the technology-driven world. Having a customer service agent on call at all times will allow your customers to contact you anytime. It’s name is “Whatsapp Business”. It means you can manage business easily on WhatsApp.

It’s free for all companies, this is the only app that can support businesses globally. It’s used as a business app so that when customers want information on your product or service, they can go ahead and find it in a safe place and can also provide their information as well. It is also used for customer service, customer feedback, etc. For example, a customer can talk to you to ask you about his or her experience. When a customer book you as a service, they can directly chat with you on the phone or via video conferencing.

2.    Feedback Management

You can receive feedback from your customers. They can provide you with constructive criticism, which will help you to identify problems. Having a customer care department is something that every business needs, and if you are a small company, you can go ahead and use Whatsapp business to receive customer feedback and you can interact with them 24/7. Customer feedback can be useful when creating new products and services. If you want to connect with your clients and customers, then you can use this app.

The amazing thing is that you can manage your client/ customer’s opinions and responses with ease. Just type your question on the screen and it will be answered by the Customer Care department. They can directly reply to your queries. You can even share your customer feedback with the customer care department so that they can read it. It is important for you to keep the customer satisfaction high. You can get customer feedback and reply to it.

3.    Customer Service via Video Conferencing

There are many who use WhatsApp Business to call clients at any time. It’s very easy for them to call clients. You can have a customer care representative on your video call at any time. This customer service is free and they will respond to your client’s queries. It’s really awesome for you to have a dedicated customer care representative.

You can ask them to play the customer’s video call and they will respond to your client in real time. It’s a brilliant solution for your customer service department. If a customer contact you through Whatsapp, the customer care agent can ask your client to call you on the phone or video call. They can ensure that your customer gets immediate response to their queries.

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4.    Customer Information Management

This is a best feature of Whatsapp business that will help you to manage your customers’ information and the customer experience. For example, if a customer asks you about the product or service and you don’t have the information in your database, then you can simply add that information to your database. This will help you to ensure the quality and the standard of the product or service.

You can be sure that you have the right information about your customer. It’s really awesome and it is something that every business needs. The idea of this feature is that whenever your customer has a query or any sort of concern about your product or service, they can directly ask their customer care representative to respond to their query.

5.    Local and International Status and Booking Online

When it comes to booking a service or a product, there is a need to know the status of it. You can keep a track of the service that your client has booked and when they are going to arrive at the location. You can also book for an event if you are organizing an event. You can call for an event and the customer care representative will book the event for you, which will be handled by the local team. So, you can give a try to this new feature that can really help you to grow your business. You can grow your business to the next level with this feature.

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