6 Simple Ways to Mount an Action Camera to Your Body

In order to mount an action camera to your body, you need to use suction cups or tape. But most of the time you won’t need those things, because action cams come with mounts you can use instead. But you don’t want to take up a lot of room on your person, because most of the time they won’t be with you when you need them. You have to worry about damaging the camera, so you have to be careful where you place it.

You also want to mount it to your body while wearing tight-fitting clothes, like a short dress. Wearing clothes that cover your chest won’t do. Here are six ways to mount an action camera to your body. These action camera body mount ways can help you in many ways to do your tasks easily. Let’s discuss them below:

Neoprene Tube

Neoprene is the best material for putting suction cups on a person. It’s very soft and doesn’t damage the camera, but it’s also flexible and won’t damage clothing. There’s a silicone option that you can also buy at different stores, but it’s just as good, and it won’t mark your skin if you decide to wear tight-fitting clothes. This way of action camera body mount is excellent for hot and sweaty days, and for freezing temperatures.

Neoprene tube is always expensive, but it’s one of the few things you’ll need if you want to mount an action camera to your body. The uses of action camera body mount are plentiful: don’t worry about trying to find a use for it for action cams that are a decade old. The Neoprene tube is worth its price, and since it’s the only option you have, it’s one you can’t afford to waste. It’s an investment that you will definitely get a lot of use out of.

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Bullet Hole

If you have a bullet hole in a place where you don’t normally have one, you can stick it to your body with suction cups. The hole is either above the chest, around the navel or on the side of the leg. It doesn’t matter where you stick it, as long as it fits well, and doesn’t cover any vital organs. If it is too small, then you will either need to paint it so it is bigger, or it will just make you look silly. If you have a bullet hole, then it’s time to mount an action camera to your body.

Bullet hole action camera body mount is inexpensive, and it’s available in different sizes. You can stick an action camera to a person’s body in any size, but the bullet hole size will ensure that it can mount safely and won’t rip through the body while doing so. The action camera body mount with bullet hole is cheap and there’s no need to worry about any delicate parts of the person being covered. It’s not a good option if you have scars on your body or any minor imperfections that don’t affect the action camera, but it’s still the perfect choice for getting an action camera to your body.


It’s cheaper than the bullet hole, but if you’re going to use a tape on your body for an extended period of time, then you may want to think twice before doing so. You can always tape something up to your body, but you shouldn’t do it every day. It may also be more inconvenient than the bullet hole because you will need to have the tape on your body for a longer time.

Tape is the obvious choice for action camera body mount. You can stick an action camera on any part of your body you want, but a few people may have a bad reaction to the adhesive. If you have a partner who dislikes you constantly covering them in sticky tape, then don’t go for the tape. You can’t get around it and can never get it off.

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Lined Spandex

Lined spandex is very cheap and will only cost you $5 at your local store. It’s cheap, and it’ll provide you with an excellent, comfortable surface to stick your action camera to. You can even stick it on some sport pants or a bathing suit. Lined Spandex’s uses of action camera body mount are most popular.

It’s also breathable and flexible. The surface of spandex is so hard that it won’t hurt the camera. It’s also not very slippery, so if you’re using a protective suit, you won’t slide around while mounting the camera to your body. It’s a great cheap, quick and effective option for attaching an action camera to your body.

Loose Seals

Another cheap option is to get some loose seals and glue them to your body. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it’s not easy to get them attached to a body. They can be sticky or semi-sticky and they won’t affect the action camera in any way.

They are cheap to buy and you can use a single one on your entire body if you want to. You can attach it to your belt or the bottom of a shirt, or stick it to your hand. The key to using loose seals is to make sure that it doesn’t slip off your body. If it does, then it is just as easy to just get the seal back on, so you will have to be extra careful with it.

Ultrasonic Gun

There’s an alternative for putting an action camera on your body that is even more fun than sticking it to your body, and it’s called using an ultrasonic gun. These guns are very easy to use and a lot cheaper for an action camera body mount. There are two options for using an ultrasonic gun, with either a two or four ounce version. You can attach it to any part of your body that you want, including your ears and hands.

You have a lot of options when it comes to sticking an action camera to your body. You can attach it to your hand or your ear, or stick it to your chest. Stick it to your face if you don’t want your face to be covered, or stick it to your clothes. There are some unique ways to attach an action camera to your body that you shouldn’t miss, and you shouldn’t shy away from. Whether it’s to attach an action camera to your leg for better video, or to stick it to your torso to add an extra view to a video, there are many ways to use a camera to add a better view to any situation.

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