All You Need To Know About Google Pixelbook 12in

Today we are surrounded by different types of machines that we use to ease our work. Similarly, for office-based work, we need an efficient and reliable computer or a laptop. So, if you are wondering to buy a new laptop with some exciting features then Google Pixelbook 12in is made for you. It is the most exciting laptop ever created with an amazing 360-degree hinge. Also, it has a fascinating full-screen display with a Core I5 processor. Google has released a new version of this laptop with its best features and This is not surprising for those who are aware of the recent tech news.

Google always comes up with new advanced technologies and the pixelbook 12in a laptop is a new laptop released by google. Those days are gone when desktop computers are used for high computing tasks. It is an idea for individuals who want to use computers on a go. So, this laptop is the new efficient and exciting feature released for these users. Google pixelbook has 128GB SSD and 8GB Ram. The 360-degree hinge of this device allows you to use it in four different modes and that is;

  • Tablet mode
  • Laptop mode
  • Tent mode
  • Stand mode

One of the impressive features is that it is Two-In-One. You can use it as a laptop and a tablet at the same time.

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Why One Should Buy Google Pixelbook 12?

Google always comes up with some new technological devices and this time its new device has come with the same edge that fascinates its users with a large screen display and wonderful features. Here a question arises Why you should buy a Google pixelbook 12in? As there are many other laptops with numerous features. So, it is recommended for its several features and these includes;

  • Its backup options are really good and you can save your data offline without any fear of Losing it. You can save high-quality documents and files.
  • Google pixelbook 12 is very smooth to use and it is an excellent device to use for multiple tasks.
  • Its internal storage of 12GB Ram and 512GB SSD are just worth it.
  • The important thing about this device is its modern display and the simple attractive outlook that compels consumers to buy it.

Along with these important aspects, its stunning features can blow your mind up.

Features Of Google Pixelbook 12in:

Although there are many features in this device we have chosen a few to elaborate on so that you can make up your mind whether it meets your standards or not and these features are the following;

Modern Look: Its modern attractive design fascinates its users including its display and other features. It has a very slim design and a high-resolution display. It’s super fast due to the 512GB SSD installed in it.

Light weighted: Unlike other computing devices and laptops, this machine is very light-weighted and easy to carry. Its design is very slim and that also fascinates its users and makes it look more attractive.

Android Feature: Another important feature of this device is that it can support android apps and enable its user to enjoy smartphone-like features. Its manufacturer guarantees high-level entertainment and productivity due to its android compatibility. And this feature can be used as a tablet.

Efficient and Its Powerful Performance: Its efficiency has not matched with its old versions and its performance is satisfying. It processes the information in a glimpse and displays it in the desired way. Whatever you type and search for you get it on screen in no time. Its large keyboard is also worth its cost and also due to its Keyboard features Google pixelbook stands hard in front of its rival devices.

Demerits Of Google Pixelbook 12in:

In its latest version, Google has tried to cover almost its every drawback existing in previous versions but still, this device has a few demerits which are the following;

  1. In this device, you may not get biometric security and due to this reason you may not get the authentication of your private data attached to this device and your data can be stolen.
  2. Another demerit is its less battery life which is around 12 hours not more than that.
  3. Its price tag may be unaffordable for some of the people who are willing to have this device. But genuinely it is worth its prize with the present features.

Cost Of Google Pixelbook 12in?

If we look at its features, this device is worth investing $849, $999, $1300, and $1649 due to variations in the devices because of their RAM and Processor. One of the trading platforms Amazon offers with the same prize. It also offers a reasonable discount on buying this device. The fascinating features and success of this device make it a good place to spend money.

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Is Google Pixelbook Good For Students?

It is a great laptop for student work but its price can be expensive for some of them. But if you can afford it then it is a great choice for university students. However, make sure that it meets all your requirements before you pay hard money for it. Also, consider your budget before you make up your mind to buy this device. Because it can cost you more as compared to other computing devices.

Reviews From Customers

Google pixelbook has amazing features like 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD but at the same time, its consumers complain about some aspects. These negative aspects include;

  • Its high prize
  • Its battery life needs to be improved.
  • They also complained about its keyboard that we have included in its positive features.

However many customers also admired its services and reviewed that;

  • Many customers praised its slim design and modern attractive look.
  • Its speed was admired due 512GB SSD installed in it.
  • Some students reviewed that this device envelops all the features they require for their work.

Google Pixelbook 12in is a new laptop device launched by google. It has gained market value due to its exciting features and strong computing work. Its market price starts from $849 to $1649. It is a good machine for university students and this can perform tasks with a good speed. It can be used both as a laptop and a tablet. Its new version is available in the market at a reasonable price and you can purchase it from any retailing platform but Amazon is selling it with a special discount offer. Hope this article helps you get a better review of this machine.

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