Different Toys For Different Ages

Playtime is not only about fun and games. There are some toys that make children concentrate and learn different skills. It is important to choose a toy according to the age of your child. If you get the best and most appropriate one for their age, they will be able to learn from it and enjoy playing with it.

The following is a brief age-wise guide helping you choose toys for your kids:


Play at this time involves exploration. A baby employs its five senses to learn different stuff about the new world. They will try and figure out whether some object feels hardor maybe soft, sticky or rough, etc.

Watching what happens to it when they drop it or put the toy in the mouth is something else that babies do. Most play at this time involves “tasting”, mouthing, shaking, banging, dropping toys.

At the time that the baby develops some new motor skills, the play will become more coordinated as well as complex. For example, at around 6 and 7 months the baby may be able to transfer a rattle between their hands.

Toys for babies can include a nursery mobile, mirror, ring stack, push-pull toys.


Toddlers are starting to become aware of the various functions of objects. Stacking blocks for instance is enjoyed. Pretend play begins at this time. The toddler will start differentiating colors as well as shapes. Therefore, select toys which are bright, colorful, fun, for toddlers to hold.

When a toddler reaches 2 years of age, they may be able to kick a ball, use a crayon, build towers from blocks.

You will see much repetition at this age and this is how the toddler learns to master new skills. They will learn that they have some control of things.

You can think about getting balls, shape-sorting toys, mechanical toys, role-play toys at this time.


At this age toys are used for their intended purpose, but there is still much imagination present. For example, modeling clay may be employed to make pizza.

Pretend play becomes rather elaborate at this time. The child’s knowledge of the world becomes more advanced. Play will be more physical.

You can get your preschoolers arts and crafts supplies, blocks and construction sets, puzzles.

Big kids

Elementary school-age kids tend to be more accomplished. They will know more about the world around them. They are now starting to master skills which once challenged them, such as catching a football.

Talents and interests begin to take hold also. Physical abilities, such as large and fine motor skills get better. Peer relationships also take on more value. Your kid will probably want to try out new adventures, like off-road biking.

You can get a jump rope, card and board games, musical instruments, science toys, which may be helpful. Your kid may also enjoy LEGO minifigures at this time.

Toys are definitely a tool to aid kids in developing, however it is the parents who are responsible for nurturing that growth. 

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