Drip Email : How To Do Drip Email Campaign?

Drip Email is a very strong concept but not popular. What is drip email? A drip campaign is a email based marketing method which releases small amounts of information to the consumer about the product at regular intervals, in order to build anticipation for a purchase. So drip email will offer information like new designs, new features, information about their product to get the customers to spend more time on your site.

Advantages of using drip email campaign

An email is considered as one of the best marketing channels for driving targeted traffic. An email has more attention and engagement than traditional channels like Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) or banners. Different formats of drip email can be used such as an email newsletter, an alert, an instant series of information as an incentive for sales or a Promo. A drip email marketing strategy is also highly effective at reaching an existing customer base.

It doesn’t take very much time for the emails to be read and it is highly targeted. An email goes directly to the consumer with a call to action. There are no banners or advertising interruptions. It’s perfect for B2B audience, like small businesses and business organizations. You can also have an online chat session to get to know the customer better. Traditionally, drip email had low click through rate (CTR) since there were not a lot of options to make it more interesting for the customers.

Drip Email also has advantages like saving your time and efforts by sending only relevant and important information to the recipients. This is also easy to automate and set it on a schedule. You need to focus on creating quality content that will motivate them to buy your products or services. It will be time-consuming if you want to use a separate mailer manager. It has made a significant impact in the growth of businesses. With the increasing number of emails, it is easier to collect information and offers. When people opt in, they allow you to send them an email.

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How to do drip email campaign?

It takes few steps to set up a drip email campaign. All you need is a list of emails for your target audience, so you can start with the research part. A number of emails should be created for the list. The quality of the emails has to be high for it to work well. You can create a drip campaign from a Google spreadsheet or if you want to do it with a separate email campaign manager. Make sure you share all the forms of communication from all the channels available for your target audience. Let’s discuss the steps to do it.

1.     Identify your audience

This step is very important because you need to do a list and send emails to your target audience. Identification of your target audience is very important as they will respond to any type of information. They are not there to be sold or convinced by you. It is mandatory to understand them better and make sure they are going to provide the required amount of attention to you.

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2.     Determine your goal

It is always advisable to know the purpose of your drip email marketing campaign. In our case, we will be sending emails to discover if the customers are still interested in our products or not. Or is our brand name enough to engage them? Are they still using it? Determine the goals for your drip campaign, so you can stick to it. For instance, if you are trying to sell a piece of jewelry, a soft promotion might not be the best idea, so send out a drip email with some articles to keep them interested.

3.     Plan your campaign

Create a flow for the drip campaign. Make sure that you use a newsletter template so that you can send out the emails in a standard way. You can use an email generator to create the templates for you. It will help you to get rid of the formatting issues. This also makes the drip emails look beautiful. If you are planning to send the newsletter to your subscribers, make sure that it is concise. You don’t want to go overboard with it.

4.     Identify your list and send the email to it

The whole process of mailing people to your list should be systematic and efficient. Some of the features of a drip email are the deliverability, which you need to check before going on with the whole process. First, define your list of recipients, divide them in different lists and assign to them a unique ID. Then send an email to every individual on the list with a unique recipient ID and name. Then you need to make sure that you have copied every necessary information in the email. A mandatory part of the email would be an offer which the user will need to accept. After you have completed all the steps you will be ready to start your campaign.

5.     Create multiple drip campaigns

It will be helpful to create different campaigns for different email addresses. The communication should be driven by a specific point of interest. Give them information that will encourage them to buy the products. If they like the campaign, they will subscribe to your newsletter and get new email alerts. You can also make sure that they get notified via other means. The link to a landing page can be provided if you don’t want them to click on a banner link. The basic idea is to create multiple drip email campaigns and let them follow the campaigns.

Drip email campaign is a proven technique of marketing because the majority of the people do not click on the banner links or banners. If your target audience clicks on the links, they might get distracted. But the drip email can go a long way in helping you grow your business. It will connect with your target audience and motivate them to buy your products and services.

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