How Much Does a Whole Costco Pizza Cost?

Costco pizza has grown to become one of the most popular and affordable pies in America. Consumers can eat large pieces of pizza, using Costco’s vast array of unique and varied pizza toppings. It’s not uncommon for Costco’s pizza to be sold at more than one or two dollars per slice.

Just a note, because Costco is an American company, the price of a Costco pizza is $9.95 in the United States. This is for a large pie. However, this price also varies in other countries, such as Canada, with a minimum of $10. Let’s see what’s the cost of a whole costco pizza in below section.

Price of Whole Costco Pizza

The cost of whole costco pizza is not more than $15 and less than $10. It’s much more reasonable than any other pizza seller brands. Costco pizza is 16-18 inches and usually cut into six or eight slices. Some new stores are also cutting it into 12 equal slices.

  • $11.99 – This is the most expensive pizza available in Costco.
  • $10.99 – Same size pizza at a $1.00 discount.

They are using one of the special metal frames for slicing it almost perfectly even. If you want to buy a slice of whole pizza, it’s 1/6th of the pie regardless. Costco food court pizzas are offering pizzas in three delectable variations. These variations are included as: pepperoni, cheese, and combination.  Let’s see why these pizzas are so popular.

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Reasons of Popularity of Costco Pizzas

The whole costco pizza is very popular because of its affordability. It is affordable for people to buy for a whole family or even office. There are different variety and quality of pizza available in this brand, where you can order a whole costco pizza as one big take out pizza for you and your family.

At Costco, they can buy whole pizzas in a 12 inch size, which is their most popular variety of pizzas. If you love to eat your whole pizza as a whole, it’s very good for you. It will surely make you feel full. Also, it can be served hot. And it tastes great. It is best to consume a large quantity of pizza at a time. Other reasons for its popularity are:

  1. The toppings are well-seasoned and flavorful. Costco has a large array of delicious and unique pizza toppings. As mentioned above, Costco is one of the most popular pizza chains in America and has a huge array of pizza toppings. The gourmet pizza toppings are included as: ricotta, buffalo, black olives, ham, bacon, pineapple, ham, sausage, pepperoni, green olives, sour cream, pepperoni, black olives, and green peppers. Every single toppings are packed with great taste and amazing flavor.
  2. Costco’s pizza contains smaller pieces of the pizza instead of serving them in two pieces. At Costco, the portion size of whole pizza is more than two whole slices. Costco has two types of Costco pizza available: the thick crust pizza and thin crust pizza. But the thin crust has a much cheaper price than the thicker crust, which is only $2.99 and $3.29. The thick crust pizzas are more than three quarters of an inch thick.

The whole Costco’s pizza is famous because it is hot and tasty. Many customers say that Costco pizza is the best pizza they ever tasted. Costco pizza can be served at their full-service stores, at their food courts, and many more locations. It is the most comfortable pizza one can buy. Costco pizza is considered as the best pizza of all time.

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Ordering Pizza on Costco Pizza Shops

Costco’s pizza is available only in store. But, you can order pizza online through their website. For online ordering, the price of a whole costco pizza is $11.95 per person. The best thing is to go to store and order pizza yourself at the Costco’s store. No need to buy online. When you visit their website, it will show you all the options available.

But you don’t have to buy pizza from the website. Just go to the nearest whole costco sellers store and say “pizza” 🍕. There you can order a whole Costco pizza with the help of their trained sales consultants. If you go to an off-site location, you can’t be confident about ordering Costco pizza. It is recommended to order pizza for large party, office function, or a celebration.

Best Whole Costco Pizza Choice!

Costco makes a good choice if you have a large family or office function. For office functions, the whole costco pizza can be very convenient for large party as there are many other choices available. If you are a Costco member, you can get Costco pizza online and for pickup at Costco or store. If you have a family or are a big family and are into watching and consuming your own pizza, Costco pizza is ideal for you.

It is the best pizza you can get in your local grocery store. Costco’s pizza is also the best choice for restaurants, hospital food service, banquet hall services, etc. The price of Whole Costco pizza is not limited to the stores. It is the cheapest pizza you can get anywhere in the world.  That’s why costco is a very good restaurant and catering services.

Costco’s pizza is delicious, but if you are looking for a great meal with awesome taste and amazing flavor, Costco pizza is the right choice for you. The whole costco pizza costs $11.95, so you might be thinking “Do I really need to spend that much?” But it is not necessary that everything you purchase needs to be really expensive.

Costco pizza is an amazing good pizza. Costco’s pizza tastes much better than other store bought pizzas. And the best part is, Costco’s pizza is cheap. If you want the same amazing taste of the Costco pizza, go to the Costco’s store and buy the whole Costco pizza. Hope , you will love this pizza provider.

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