How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Dining Sets for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Just like all your outdoor furniture sets for your hotel, restaurant, or resort, your patio dining sets must be a reflection of the image you want to show. That is why when we say patio dining sets, we really mean an outdoor dining set. It is not just about the chairs and tables, but it must also have umbrellas with matching side tables and cushions. For many years in the past, it was only outdoor furniture that had this combination. But nowadays, even indoor dining furniture is going for the complete package deal, so that is why you should from now on speak of outdoor dining set as one word instead of three for a complete package.


Picking the style that best compliments your outdoor space and makes your dining area more inviting is essential. For example, wood furniture crafted from sturdy woods like teak, metal-coated aluminum, and powder-coated steel are popular choices to make your outdoor dining a relaxing and comfortable experience.

  •         Durability: durable materials can withstand both the elements and heavy usage. Aesthetically, outdoor furniture should blend with your current interior but also complement the outdoor décor.
  •         Comfort:Comfort is another thing you cannot afford to overlook. When you choose the best type of wood to use and its finish, you are choosing furniture that brings peace and relaxation to your life. Overall, it adds value to your home.

Versatility: if you live in an urban area where there are a lot of parties or other social gatherings or enjoy hosting barbecues on weekends, this furniture has to be comfortable enough for daily use as well as able to withstand abuse such as for a day or two at the beach or by the pool


The length of your outdoor dining table also matters. It should be about a foot (30 cm) longer than the largest person sitting at it.  At least 24 inches (61 cm) in length and 2 feet (60 cm) in width is a good rough measure for this as well.

The average human foot is approximately the length of a coffee table with an 18-inch distance between the seats; hence, if your outdoor dining table is any smaller, your guests will find it difficult to have a comfortable meal. In addition to its size, your table needs to have legs that are at least 25 – 30 inches tall (63.5 – 76 cm).

The maximum width of the table is limited by the size of your patio doors or opening to your outdoor kitchen. Preferably, you should get a narrower table if you have less space to accommodate.


The best outdoor dining table will have a top made of heavy-duty materials like cast iron or stoneware. These are durable materials that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The style is also flexible, so it is easy to match your current patio furniture and theme.

  •         Wood:Wood table tops are not affected by liquids spilled on them due to their natural absorbency.
  •         Metal:Metal tables, if not stored out of the sun, can be subject to metal fatigue and begin to warp, which will bend legs. Eventually, the legs can snap off of the table entirely.
  •         Glass:Glass tabletops are not as difficult to clean and maintain as they may seem. Although they can be slippery and a bit small for certain uses, glass tables are a great way to spruce up your outdoor patio or deck area without spending too much on traditional furniture.

Many wicker tables and glass-topped patio tables are difficult to clean and maintain, especially with the center of the glass tabletop typically being a footrest or sitting area. It’s best to cover these surfaces with a tablecloth or other protective covering when they’re not in use.

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