How to increase the security of cargo containers?

For shipping containers, you will need the best seal. Each container needs to have almost one seal before shipping. Container seals are available in different forms and shapes, such as embossed lead seals to metal and plastic strip seals and padlocks to bullet seals. You will need suitable container seals for the protection of your valuable cargo.

According to the exporter or shipping line, your container can be sealed with bolt seals or aluminum cargo seals. Hoefon security seals are tamper-evident and offer maximum protection against cargo theft. You will get tailor-made solutions for competitive rates. Remember, you will need cable seals and container bolts meeting C TPAT and ISO 17712 standards.

Consider Policies of Shipping Lines

Shipping lines have specific policies for the security of containers. You can check container sealing instructions for international shipping. Make sure to put the seal in the right place. On your container, you can see two lock rods on every door. For the best outcomes, you can put a seal on the right door of the container.

You can put a container on one or both lock rods. For additional security, you can put a seal on the left door. Some containers come with an ATD (anti-theft locking device). Moreover, you can put an additional seal on the secura cam (at the bottom of the third locking bar).

Total Number of Seals for a Container

Fortunately, there is no restriction on the number of seals on your container. A container may have almost one seal in the best place. Typically, containers have four locking roads, a secura cam, and an ATD. As a result, you can place six seals on your shipping container.

Basically, a container seal ensures security and prevents others from accessing cargo. Using a container seal can decrease the chances of others accessing your container and misusing cargo. Moreover, it will deter scammers from putting illegal drugs and weapons in your container.

Bolt Seals

These are barrier seals with a security sticker containing a barcode. You can attach this stick to transport documents easily. Some barriers are designed with low-carbon galvanized steel. Fortunately, these are available in different colors.

You have the choice to get them with custom print and logo. With their anti-spin design, you should not worry about the rotation of locked seals.

Aluminum Cable Seals

For the protection of cargo, aluminum cable seals are available. These are durable for international freight. To make things extremely secure, you can order them with custom prints and colors. Undoubtedly, several options are available to increase the security of your container.

Remember, these locks are strong enough to deter thieves. For the security of your cargo, you should not trust others. Always check locks and security options before finalizing your shipping container. Moreover, insurance will help you to get peace of mind.

By insuring your valuables, it is possible to put your mind at ease. Padlocks and lockboxes can prevent convenient access, but these cannot make your container 100 percent safe. Hence, insurance will give you extra protection and confidence.

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