How To Uninstall Epic Games Launcher

Most computer users sometimes find it difficult to uninstall a few apps and files and that can be due to different reasons. In this article, we will learn how to uninstall the epic games launcher and what are the reasons you are unable to uninstall it.  Some users are facing difficulties in uninstalling this application and they are getting error messages when attempting to uninstall it through the control panel. In this regard, some resolutions can help you uninstall it, and the process of eliminating this application from your computer system is hectic a bit but we will help you with how to do it below in the article.

About Epic Games Launcher

This platform is designed for digital distribution and was released in 2018. It was designed to develop video games and software. You may find exclusive titles created in-house through epic games. Its launcher includes downloads from a game creation platform named Unreal engine and also it includes third-party developers that are licensed. Their users are offered special discounts and free games. You can download it from its official website. You can also get the latest updates on new games by checking the website occasionally.

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Is It Difficult To Uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

Generally, the epic games launcher is mostly in use and it is difficult to uninstall it successfully. The reason you are unable to do it is that mac and windows won’t let you do it their. There are many other reasons why you cannot uninstall epic games  and these are;

  • If you are using its services on your PC then its uninstalling process won’t be done.
  • It is not only about this application but you cannot eliminate it if it is still running on your computer.
  • If you want to remove it then you have to remove all the gaming applications installed through this application.
  • You also cannot uninstall it if change its installation driver. You will be unable to uninstall it due to the epic games launcher.

How To Uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

You may face some difficulty removing this application from your system but there are some simple steps you should follow to remove this application from your system and these are the following;

  • To completely uninstall this application we recommend you use a third-party utility when the default window uninstaller is unable to remove it from your system.
  • Delete the gaming applications you have installed through the epic games launcher before removing them from your system.
  • Unlock background programs so that you won’t get uninstall error messages. Also, make sure that the application is still not running in your system.
  • Window troubleshooting can also helps you in this regard. They can fix this application by uninstalling error messages. So, give them a try.
  • Force uninstall software are available to give you a better solution but this can be risky too and you can lose some data which you don’t want but if you want to try then you can.

Uninstall Through A Third-party Uninstaller

Above mentioned steps are also effective but a third-party tool can make it easier for you. It didn’t involve any extra steps hence it will save your time and remove it instantly. Different software removal utilities can uninstall this application without any issue. These utilities are completely safe and good for your PC because they not only remove the desired material from your system but also scan it and remove unnecessary material from it like leftover files and entries that are registered related to the removing application.

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How To Uninstall It In Safe Mode?

It is also easy to remove the epic games launcher in safe mode by clicking on the power button on the window start and then by holding shift-click the Restart button. Now you need to select the troubleshooter where you have to choose advanced options. Click on the startup setting option and restart your system. Now when the window is restarting make sure to press 4 to enable safe mode on your PC. In the end, try uninstalling the application through safe mode, and then it won’t spoil the rest of the files and removed without any issue. Sometimes you may try different methods but still, you can not remove the application through safe mode, you can make it possible and remove epic games software without facing any difficulty. We can also delete the software by deleting the app data folder. We can make it possible with the following steps;

  • To open Run press Win + R on the keyboard.
  • Now type the command ( %LocalAppData% ).
  • Select the software folder which you want to remove.
  • Press Control + D or directly delete button to remove the epic games subfolder.
  • After deleting the subfolder now try to delete the application folder of the application.

How Can We Delete Epic Games Launcher?

First of all, you need to finish all the epic games processes from its task manager. In case you don’t end the program then every time you will get the message that the program is currently running and you cannot delete it. Deleting is the only option if none of the above options applies to you. Once you delete it manually then must look for the registry keys that are related to the epic games launcher then delete the remaining keys.

Epic games launcher is an application used for software and game development. Often its users find it difficult to uninstall it from their Systems. They get error messages while uninstalling this application. To resolve their issue we have elaborated different methods and techniques above in the article that can help them remove it from their systems. Often its user’s gets the error message that the app is running due to which they cannot remove the epic game. This is due to the reason that they haven’t uninstalled the games and software they have downloaded through this application. Deleting option is also available if find it difficult to uninstall epic games software. Hope this article will help you uninstall this application.

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