Is YouTube Cocomelon Good for Kids?

YouTube channel “Cocomelon” is a series of videos on YouTube that targets children aged two to seven. Youtube Cocomelon channel hosts 2D and 3D animation and cartoon videos that are based on popular kids stories like “Fantasia,” “Puffin Rock” and “Pajanimals.” Children of two to seven years of age can not yet use YouTube. Therefore, this animation series is specifically designed for them to watch. We especially like the 2D and 3D animations in YouTube Cocomelon.

Cocomelon is a children’s cartoon channel on YouTube aimed at preschoolers. It’s simple in its stories, and has been created with the primary goal of teaching kids basic skills. It does this through short, interactive adventures and colorful animated cut-outs. The show comes complete with voice actors and catchy songs. Its age range, however, is 2–7 years. The tone is good for kids this age because it’s light and funny, with enough encouragement for kids to learn good habits. The show also has some educational value.

Why Does YouTube Cocomelon Exist?

It’s important to create a safe environment for children. Youtube channel, Cocomelon, follows established protocols and recommendations for Youtube content. The videos on YouTube Cocomelon are rated PG (General Audiences) with Parental Controls enabled to restrict children under the age of 13 from viewing adult content. Even so, you can never guarantee that YouTube won’t slip up and display something inappropriate on YouTube Cocomelon.

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That being said, you can be sure that the Youtube channel “cocomelon” is legit. Cocomelon’s content is produced in-house and approved by their publishing team. Also, all the music used in the channel is either owned by the YouTube creators, or licensed by YouTube to avoid copyright issues. Youtube Cocomelon’s account has almost 2 billion subscribers.

How is Cocomelon Covered by YouTube’s Terms of Service?

YouTube’s terms of service are a bit vague about the type of content that’s acceptable on the site. YouTube assumes that anything a user uploads is considered “advertiser-supported content.” So unless you make an explicit deal with YouTube to host user-generated videos for a fee, you are free to do whatever you want. In that case, there’s really not much of a case for YouTube Cocomelon being acceptable. It’s a cartoon for kids, not a paid ad. The only reason it would be considered ad-supported content is because YouTube allows other cartoon cartoons to have ads.

It should be pointed out that advertising on kids’ shows is not limited to YouTube. In fact, most people think of this as the norm. But it really depends on the age of the show, as well as how sophisticated the ads are. Companies know that kids love cartoons, but they also know that they don’t typically pay for them. So this is how most shows have made it on TV and into the homes of children over the years. YouTube channel cocomelon has been running for over ten years now, which means its videos have gone through many changes and iterations. There’s no doubt that the voice actors and producers of Cocomelon put a lot of time into it.

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How YouTube Channel “Cocomelon” Is Good for Kids?

Teaching kids basic skills can be quite beneficial, and they don’t require much time. Our suggestion would be to stick to only those videos of YouTube channel “Cocomelon” that teach children as much as possible. The videos you’re looking for are either animation or music video. A popular one is the song “Apples + Carrots.” It teaches colors and counting. The lyrics were written by Winnie Hymes and the music was composed by William Ryan Follin.

There’s also another song called “Wow + You + Me.” It teaches how to draw in a “very silly way.” Again, the lyrics are silly, the drawing is silly, and the messages are good for children. This song shows how your “big imagination can change the world.” YouTube Cocomelon has a music video called “I’m a Cool Kid,” which teaches kids that they don’t have to conform to society’s norms. This helps kids decide for themselves who they are and what they want to be. The videos have plenty of lessons, and aren’t long at all, so they’re perfect for little kids who are still learning the basics.

Here are few other reasons why YouTube channel cocomelon is a good choice for young kids.

  1. A definite necessity to making their videos is audio. Because cocomelon uses professionally-created voice acting, this is an important factor. This adds a lot to the quality of the videos.
  2. The content of the videos is suitable for children as young as three years old.
  3. The videos are also made available for teachers to use in the classroom. There are many topics for teachers to use in their classes.
  4. It’s really a great learning tool for children to improve their vocabulary and learn good writing skills. It also helps them develop their social skills.
  5. There are tons of videos on YouTube cocomelon for children. Who knows, there may be a good cartoon episode on there that can help children learn a new skill, like how to color or how to write their own name.
  6. Cocomelon YouTube channel also offers a creative writing contest for its fans to try their hand at writing songs and songs to read to their younger friends.

So, if you’re looking for a YouTube channel to follow for kids, it’s best to choose one that has a wide variety of shows for them to watch. They’ll have hours of entertainment on that one. Besides, if the cartoons are the best they have to offer, you don’t need to watch anything else on YouTube. We’d love to hear what you think.

We know that watching cartoons is not something children should be watching all the time, but we don’t want to take that away from them either. Remember, they’re learning basic skills. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate classroom experience. Just give them the tools and let them do their own thing. Will you be following YouTube channel “Cocomelon” for your little one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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