Speciality of Bitly Compression Socks

Bitly compression socks are made of fabric made from the same material as lingerie. There are 13 colors and styles of the socks that have different insoles and footbeds. The compression socks have a 0.9mm/0.1mm compression of both sides. This means that the compression socks compress the whole foot and only on the skin which might feel uncomfortable. For you, if this is true, then you may want to buy compression socks without the footbed.

As an alternative, you can buy regular fabric footbeds. There are also thin footbeds but you need to put them inside your feet because they won’t work for every type of shoe. For best performance of compression socks, they need to be filled to the max level and compressed fully. Before buying compression socks, you need to check the way Bitly socks are packed. The best socks are from a place like Amazon. However, some other places such as eBay might be useful. The higher the package weight, the more comfortable the socks will be for you.

Washing Recommendations

Bitly compression socks can be washed in many ways. You can wash them by hand, which can be quite expensive, or you can buy a washable laundry bag. With this washable laundry bag, you can put your socks in a washing machine and then wash them with softener for a longer-lasting smoothness. You can also fold the sock and put it in a cup. The bag should be less than 5″x 5″ and about 12″-14″ high. The cup should be left outside the cupboard to dry.

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It will reduce odor and mildew and make the sock softer. When you want to remove the sock from the cup, it should be easy to do. You can also iron the socks in the cup. This is very important because the color of the fabric changes if it is ironed on its own. If you want a softness in the fabric, you need to iron the socks to remove the wrinkles. Another way to clean your socks is to hang them up to dry outside. They won’t be a little wrinkled. The bitly socks should not stay damp.

Why Bitly Socks are Great

Here are few reasons why you should consider the bitly compression socks and why these are the best socks from other brands:

1.    They are Non-Invasive

Unlike other compression socks, which are small and easy to slip off your feet, Bitly socks don’t use wires or electronic gadgets. They don’t stay on the feet of people who have skinny legs or other traits which makes them difficult to get a perfect fit.

2.    High Quality

The fabric of these socks is of good quality and is easy to wash, which means that you can easily wash your socks every 2-3 days.

3.    Reinforced

The socks are reinforced with steel wires, which makes them hard to slip off the feet of people with fat legs or skinny legs. These socks are not tight on the feet but rather soft.

4.    Flexibility

These socks are flexible and designed to mold to your foot in different ways. If you wear running shoes with a tight fit, you can even wear bitly socks with these. The socks feel soft when on the feet and in contrast to other socks.

5.    Compression

Bitly compression socks are made of a lot of fabric. This makes the compression of the compression socks extremely high. You can compare it to the compression of a shirt.

6.    Longer Lasting

Bitly socks do not feel tight on the feet, which means that they will stay longer on the feet.

7.    No More Thorns

Bitly socks do not have as sharp as other socks which makes it easier to put on the socks. It’s a perfect sock for runners and people who love to go out in their sneakers.

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8.    More Options

Bitly compression socks have many styles. It has colors like pink, black and blue.

9.    Space-Saving

These socks are space-saving because they don’t need to be folded in half or half and half. They can simply be unfolded. The best socks from bitly come with 1 years warranty and also you can easily return them if you are not satisfied.

10. Double-Zip

These compression socks have a double-zip which makes them easily folded. They are easy to take off when you want to go for a jog, or if you are not feeling athletic at the moment.

What are the specs of a Bitly compression socks?

Here are few specs for bitly socks that you should know:

  • Size: You need to size the socks on the rear foot to match the length of the foot. Most of the socks are size 5 and are wide enough to make socks with the foot.
  • Firmness: You need to feel the firmness of the socks while wearing. They are thin but also firm.
  • Fabric: They have a light fabric which makes it soft and easy to wear.
  • Material: The socks are made of polyester. The fabric feels great and is designed to help you control the movement of your feet.

Bitly Socks also has excellent customer care. They offer free shipping for US customers and next-day shipping for international. If you’re dissatisfied with their socks, you can return them for free.

Bitly socks are fantastic compression socks. They are offered with 1 year warranty. The socks are available in different styles and sizes. There are different colors for men and women. Some of the socks are available in long and short styles. They are also made of a quality fabric which is comfortable to wear.

If you’re seeking for a specific style, they have it. You can shop for all types of styles from bitly socks. We hope that you have found the best bitly socks for compression sock on Amazon. If you need any other thing, you can visit the official website of Bitly brand.

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