What is Traductor Google and How to Use It?

There are a lot of software tools available to translate text and other information from one language to another. But all the products available in the market are based on the content that’s already available in the user’s language. If you need to translate words, phrases, and sentences in a foreign language, it is not possible to use a tool that you are unfamiliar with. Therefore, software based on the translation process is not good solution to your needs. In fact, it may lead to errors and miss understanding words.

However, today we are going to present to you a good tool that helps you translate words on the fly with the help of Google. It provides you with a faster alternative and also a good translation experience. This may not be as fancy and user-friendly as Google Translate, but it’s a useful and very practical extension that you may be able to install in your browser. Without any further delay, let’s discuss what is Traductor Google and how it can be used.

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What is Traductor Google?

Traductor Google is an extension that lets you perform instant translation of text into your native language. This may be useful if you want to have a good understanding of text in the foreign language in a hurry. However, this extension may not be as fancy and user-friendly as Google Translate. You may want to read Traductor Google review to learn more about the features and potential use of this tool.

Key Features of Traductor Google:

Here are some of the features of the extension Traductor Google:

  • You can get the complete text in one click.
  • You can translate the text on the go.
  • You can access the translation of the text in real time.
  • It provides the language of the text as well as the translation of the entire text.
  • This app helps you to quickly translate the text in different languages on the go.
  • Furthermore, you can also view the translation in context.


  • The translation tool is very fast
  • The Translator extension is absolutely free and doesn’t take much time to get started
  • Translator offers us with the best way to translate the text on the go
  • The pronunciation feature gives us a clear understanding of the language


  • The Translator extension fails to display accurate translation sometimes
  • The interface is not very user-friendly
  • It doesn’t have a lot of features

Rating: 4.0/5

Get the Best Out of this Extension:

The overall idea of this extension is to get fast and reliable access to Google’s online translation tools. This feature offers a lot of benefits. If you are a constant user of Google Translate for translating foreign language text into your local language, you may want to use this extension as it will let you translate text on the go and get an instant results. Google traductor provides you with a transparent translation system. It’s not possible to see any of the text details in your browser at all.

There are several features provided with this extension. You may get the word and phrase translated in many languages. Also, you can choose a text type and also specify the search result type. You may also see the final result on the same page, if you want to look at it after the translation. It can be great help for people who are unfamiliar with the language. They can simply search for the word or phrase by its name or the synonyms.

Considering the above-mentioned aspects, it’s clearly clear that this app is great for many users. You may wonder how this extension was created and how to get it installed in your browser. You may have to install the extension on your browser and wait for a few seconds for it to be installed. But once installed, you can start using the tool to understand text from other languages.

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Using Traductor Google In Line

Follow the simple steps given below in order to use Traductor Google accurately:

  • Get started using the tool in less than a second, simply by opening Google.com and going to the menu bar at the top. Alternatively, you can type in the URL and hit the tricolor button on the right.
  • Click on New Tab and enter the extension’s URL. Then hit the green icon to start the Translator Chrome extension.
  • The entry screen shows you a preview of the settings and settings, there is a data storage to select the preferred language and also you can enable/disable the history and bookmark option. This feature comes handy when you want to look at the result again.
  • An important option provided by this extension is that you can access the language of the search results. By selecting it, you will be able to translate the texts instantly on the go.

You may find the site to be confusing at first, because the interface is very easy to use. However, there are a few things that you need to know in order to get the best out of this extension. Here are some of the things that you should know:

  • There is no issue with the language of the results. Translating text to your preferred language is absolutely not an issue here.
  • As per the tagline of the Google Traductor, you are able to get the message in the two language within a single click.
  • In addition to this, you can also translate the text to multiple languages.
  • You can easily find the translation of the text to English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and even Hebrew.
  • Additionally, you can see the translations of the complete text, but the app doesn’t always show accurate results.

How to Use Traductor Google?

Simply hit the green icon at the right of the edit toolbar. Select the language of the result to translate the text or find the relevant results on the site. When you are searching for the foreign language, simply click on the corresponding category to get translated information on the go. You will also see the translation for the URL to make it easier for you to translate the text in real time. It is possible to view the translation of the complete content. Also, it is possible to choose your preferred language.

After you do that, hit the green button to convert the page into your preferred language. If the language doesn’t work for you, simply click the Ignore button to ignore the translation. Once the text is translated, the message will appear under your name. Also, the URL will be modified so that you can get a quicker understanding of the source of the translated content. Traductor google Chrome extension comes with a tab of basic information that you can use to translate the same content again if you want to do so.

Thus, the Google Traductor is a pretty useful tool when it comes to getting quick and accurate translations without even clicking on the text. It’s time to get quick and accurate translations, right from the comfort of your desk chair. It ‘s time for some good luck. The extensions is a must have app for every foreign language learning. You will be able to find information on the different features of the tool available on its official website. You can even take the extension for a trial period, before you make the purchase.

Why This Extension Is Helpful?

There are many good reasons that you will like this extension. The most prominent reasons are:

  • The app will get you to the translation instantly.
  • It is quite easy to use.
  • You can view the translation in context.
  • You can also search for the correct translations.
  • You can also access the dictionary that is available in the app.
  • It is very easy to make bookmarks.
  • It has some useful features.


The tool is very simple to use. You may not need any technical knowledge of a computer to use it. You can create shortcuts to get the tool as soon as you start using Google Translate. The extension of Traductor Google can be easily installed and you can get the app right from the Google chrome extensions store. It is changing the way how people can get the translation on the go. It may have some minor issues in the interface, but it is a good option for people who wish to translate the foreign language text at a fast pace.

Handle a lot of languages on the go? For all the languages you speak and translate online, check out this awesome google chrome extension. It will help you to get the translation instantly on the go without much hassle. You can even see the languages the app struggles with. It has a lot of useful features. You can get the translator to read out the whole text for you. There are also very useful buttons which will help you to make the options more visible. Hope you like our guide about Google Traductor!

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