What To Look For In A 4WD Recovery Kit

Whether you’re going off-roading or overlanding, you need the right recovery equipment to help you out of a tricky situation. The 4WD recovery kits at Autobarn will help get you unstuck fast, and get you back on the road again.

The most important thing your 4WD recovery kit needs is a solid winch. A reliable winch is the difference between getting unstuck in minutes and being stuck there for hours. It shouldn’t be hard to turn, it should be strong enough to do the job, and it should be durable enough to last.

There’s one type of car that’s very easy to get into, but very hard to get out of. You guessed it, a four-wheel drive! A 4WD recovery kit is a must-have for any adventurous driver and can be the difference between getting out of a sticky situation or not. If you’re planning on going off-roading or venturing into the wild in your 4WD, there are some important things to consider when buying a recovery kit.

A strong tow rope

The first thing you need is a strong tow rope. Some kits come with them but they are often quite weak and will snap under pressure. Look for a tow rope that is nylon covered to provide extra strength and flexibility.

A shovel

Next you’ll need a shovel to dig yourself out of mud and sand when you get stuck. The best ones are made from hardened steel so they won’t bend or break easily.

Jacks and stands

You’ll also need jack stands so you can safely raise your vehicle off the ground while you work on it. Most kits come with these as standard but if they don’t, make sure you buy them separately as they are extremely important.

Towing straps

Towing straps are long pieces of sturdy, soft fabric with hooks attached to each end. They are used to pull a vehicle out of ditches or mud without damaging it.

Straps should be at least 100 feet long and 20 feet wide. You’ll want straps that are thick enough not to stretch or break under pressure, but thin enough to fit through most windows and doors. They should be strong enough to tow up to 2 tons.


Shackles are metal loops with heavy-duty bolts on either end. To use them, connect one end of the shackle to your vehicle and thread it through the other side of the recovery point on your stuck vehicle. You don’t want your recovery point flying around while you’re trying to attach it, so make sure your recovery hooks have a secure locking mechanism.

Traction aids

When selecting a 4WD recovery kit, traction aids are an essential component to look for. During times of need this equipment will help you gain traction and improve grip on slippery terrain.

Snatch block

The snatch block is also an essential component to any 4WD recovery kit and should not be overlooked. This piece of equipment ensures that the hook point isn’t dropped during the process of pulling another vehicle out of trouble.

Breaker bar

The breaker bar is used for safely loosening jammed or rusted nuts and bolts during the process of freeing your stuck vehicle. The breaker bar should fit securely over the end of your standard ratchet handle to ensure maximum leverage when loosened.

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