When will GameStop Restock PS5

GameStop PS5 (or GameStop Play Station 5) was originally scheduled to go on sale February 21st, but due to a manufacturing error, Sony decided to push it back. Now, it looks like PS5 GameStop has a date set. According to several online retailers including Amazon and Best Buy, GameStop PS5 restock will begin on March 8th. Customers who pre-ordered their GameStop PS5 before the announcement will still be able to pick it up, but these sales will have no effect on the March 8th release date. Let us know if you’ll be trying to buy one of these consoles. Do you plan on picking one up when they restock? We can help you while giving some tips to get a console.

Play Station 5 Price and Release Date:

The GameStop PS5 restock, and its exact price is currently up in the air. Some analysts predict it could cost as much as $700 USD when it is released. Sony currently sells the PlayStation 4 for $300 USD, so the question is will we have to wait much longer for a price cut. We will keep you posted when we find out more. While the release date for GameStop PS5 is set for March 2022, the PS4 still has a lot left in the tank. If Sony wants to compete with Nintendo Switch, it must start releasing more hardware.

How to Get a PlayStation 5:

To get a PS5 GameStop, the most common way is through trade in. Sony will no longer accept used games, but GameStop PS5 will continue to honor trade in value. However, only trade in about 10 games before they start overcharging you. There are no solid estimates on how much trade in value a system will have. With the Xbox One X offering games at higher frame rates than any previous console, its’ best to expect some type of discount. Also, keep in mind that the PS4 and the X One are one generation behind the Xbox One. That’s why Xbox One X’s trade in value is so high. There are other ways to get a PS5 GameStop:

Don’t have a game to trade in? Don’t worry. You can still get a PS5 if you are an EA Access or Origin Access subscriber, or you pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription. After the GameStop PS5 restock is over, you will be able to pick up a console of PlayStation 5 game. This is a good option since it will save you time and you will only have to put in work on a game you want.

Best Tips to Get a Console

All this being said, let’s talk about tips for getting a console right after the GameStop PS5 restock. So here are our best suggestions/tips for your best way to get a PlayStation 5:

1.      Save the PlayStation 5 for yourself.

If you are single, you are just fine waiting to pick up a PS5 GameStop. There are no mandatory shipments and no need to get this in February. Wait until late spring or early summer. You can play a bunch of Xbox One exclusives and PC games all summer. You can also check out the new batch of PS4 exclusives for some more good games to play.

2.      Use Amazon Gift Cards.

We have all heard the stories of people trying to use their Christmas gifts on the PS4, but this is not the case with these GameStop PS5s. Many people use Amazon to purchase, so all you need to do is click on the PS4 theme, and your gift card will be displayed.

3.      Use Cash or Store Credit.

We have all seen the viral articles of people who have spent hundreds of dollars on a console by buying it with store credit or using cash. While this may be a good way to get a GameStop PS5, it is very rare that these people get a PS5. Be careful where you buy the PS4 on credit. Some stores like Target will only give store credit on consoles, so make sure you ask what store your credit card is routed through before paying.

4.      Trade in PS4 games.

Even if you don’t plan to play the PS4 until at least summer, there are a lot of games you will want to trade in for a PS5 GameStop. We have seen stories about people trading in hundreds of games to get a PS5. These deals are amazing. For example, you can trade in 400 to 500 games to get a PS5 for $350 to $400 in addition to the original price of the console. If your PS4 has a healthy library of games, there is a good chance you will get $350 to $400 worth of games.

5.      Trade in a used PS4.

While they are working to move all the PS4s, the people selling them have been telling people to trade them in on used PS4’s to get a GameStop PS5. It might take some time, but those PS4’s is being used and traded so they will be in better shape than a new PS4. Of course, these PS4’s is from eBay, so buyer beware.

6.      Don’t buy a used console.

We have seen many sales on used PS4s where the seller says it will come with a free PS5 GameStop, but it never does.

7.      Get cash.

When it comes to buying a PS4, you can get a $200 prepaid Visa card, but the chances of getting your PS5 right after the GameStop PS5 restock are low. What you should do is go to a store like GameStop, Target, or Walmart, and they will give you the money in a check with a large amount of cash. They will put it all in a big check, and then they will cash the check for you. The cash will be a large amount, but the check is usually very small. This is still money you will get back if you ever decide to upgrade to a GameStop PS5.


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