Who Is Isabella Justice Hartley Mother?

Isabella Justice Hartley’s mother name is Lindsay Hartley. She was born in 3rd July, 2004 to Justin Hartley and Lindsay Hartley. She is an actress as she was featured in a popular TV series – Entertainment Tonight. Justice and his daughter have a strong bond and good relationship between both. She is an only child and do not have any other sibling. Her parents divorced in February, 2021 and neither Justice nor Lindsay have any other kid in their other relationships. Let’s quote other facts about Isabella Justice Hartley below:


Full Name Isabella Justice Hartley
Date of birth 3rd July, 2004
Age 17 years
Gender Female
Profession Celebrity Daughter
Country United States
Horoscope Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Justice Hartley
Mother Lindsay Hartley


What’s the Profession of Her Father and Mother?

Both are celebrities. Her father and mother are American actors and have good reputation as a celebrity in the society. She’s an American born child and has white ethnic background. She’s the daughter of American celebrities and that’s also a reason behind her popularity. Her religion is Christianity. Her mother is also an American celebrity and enjoying good fame.

After her parents divorced, she is spending much time with her father. She loves her parents and loves to spend time with them. That’s why she was spotted in various celebrities’ parties and inaugurations. Isabella Justice Hartley is also interested in acting due to her parents profession. She also worked in various TV shows and gaining more interest in acting. She’s in high school if we talk about her qualification and education.

What is the Net Worth of Isabella Justice Hartley’s Father?

Justice Hartley is the most famous celebrity in the world and has good net worth. His net worth is 7 million dollars. He has several acting awards in his name. His character was a good one in Criminal Minds. He also took part in “Days of our Lives” and gained more popularity. There is a high possibility of him doing another film in the near future.

He is enjoying good in entertainment industry. Isabella Justice Hartley is also studying in the US and is good in studies too. She’s also having some famous projects in the world. Her father and mother are assisting her in studying and spending quality time with her. Justice is a highly handsome and good looking person as he has been featured in several websites.

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Isabella Justice Hartley Is Like Her Mother?

Isabella Justice Hartley is a good daughter and enjoying life with her father. She also likes to spend quality time with her mother as they are enjoying good relations. She is also very smart and has good interests. She is a talented actress and has some good projects in the world. She has a decent amount of followers on social media and has few appearances in several popular websites.

Her fans are constantly giving love on social media. She’s an extremely attractive celebrity and has some very special things. She’s also popular among teenagers and enjoys a good popularity among them. She’s like her mother and both are enjoying a great amount of popularity and fame. She’s a hardworking and talented celebrity with a good net worth.

She Likes to be the Queen of Laughs and She Enjoys Being in the Spotlight

Isabella Justice Hartley has a large fan base on social media platforms and she also enjoys a huge popularity. She has good interest in beauty and modeling. She has many popular and attractive appearances. She was earlier a popular Disney star. She’s an innocent and cute actress. She’s an attractive and humble celebrity. Her father is also a celebrity and is busy with his career. She’s always busy with his works and she also likes to spend time with her parents.

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She’s like a star and loves to be in the spotlight. Isabella Justice Hartley likes to entertain her fans with her acting and modeling. Her acting skills and her personality are interesting and attractive. Her fans are always ready to adore her and want to see her in the movies and dramas. Her pictures are extremely attractive and keep her fans excited about her. She is fond of fast cars and enjoys going on the beach and enjoys swimming too. She also enjoys music, dancing and is very talented.

Isabella Justice Hartley’s Family Life

Celebrities are often criticized for not having a stable family life. Justice Hartley is also in the news for being married and having a wife. The family enjoys good relationship and is busy with her works. Being in acting industry, Isabella Justice Hartley’s one of the successful people with a beautiful career. She is also a part of many other projects. Her marriage is rumored to be settled. Justice has also been reported to be in a relationship with a girl. However, her family is good. Isabella has good interest in travelling and enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She enjoys her life and takes her chances to be in the spotlight with her acting. Her fans like to see her.

Isabella Justice Hartley is an amazingly beautiful and good looking actress who enjoys a huge fan base. Her appearance and acting skills are very much in demand. She has a special interest in singing as well. She loves to be in the spotlight and she is always ready to entertain her fans with her wonderful performances. Isabella is like her mother and shares same interests.

Due to her beautiful personality, Isabella Justice Hartley enjoys a large fan base and enjoys a great popularity. Her beautiful face, remarkable features, good looks, and acting skills are amazing. Her mother, Lindsay Hartley, is also an actress and has a huge fan base. Her limelight personality and stunning beauty attract many fans to her.

Hope she keeps on entertaining her fans with her many good performances. She is one of the talented and beautiful actresses of today. Her outstanding performances and decent talent makes her one of the hottest actresses in the movie industry today.

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