Who Voices the Cinnamon Stick from Apple Jacks

Apple Jacks Cereal itself may be a childhood favorite, but it is a weird childhood favorite. To the beloved child on this Earth, who didn’t get the opportunity to love Apple Jacks, these aren’t the average, everyday flavors. There’s a cartoon named after it and they are, well, delicious. But there’s more to them than you’d expect. Let’s talk about the story and voices for cinnamon stick apple jacks below.

Story of Apple Jacks

The story of Apple Jacks is a story of discovery. It started as a cereal developed for cereal shop in California named La Boca. One day, an executive came up with an idea for the flavor, and after adding cinnamon, lemon, and chocolate, he had Apple Jacks Cereal. Kellogg’s was one of the last of the big cereal companies to make its own cereal. And a few weeks later, they made Kellogg’s Apple Jacks. Their first attempt at creating the cereal ended up being a success, but not enough to sell to the public.

But that first shipment was made for a playgroup in California, and word of mouth spread like wildfire. People began to rush out to the cereal store to grab themselves some apple jacks, and Kellogg’s got a few more boxes of the mix. Over the years, Apple Jacks became a hit with all generations, from infants to grandparents. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a generation that doesn’t like Apple Jacks.

Voices Behind the Actors

According to the Voices Behind the Actors website, Jonathan Adams and Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter are the real voices of Cinnamon in Apple Jacks’ commercial. Kellogg’s is basically the multiple food manufacturing company that is very much popular in America and thus the Apple Jacks commercial also became popular. Apple jacks’ cinnamon stick name is not always apple jacks, it was also known as Apple O’s.

Apple Jacks was invented in 1965, see how old it is. It was invented by William Thilly – research assistant of Kallog’s company in United States of America. He named his invention as Apple O’s which was then renamed to Apple Jacks in 1965. There are slogans that are related to cinnamon stick apple jacks. The most famous one is: “We eat what we like”. Let’s introduce another slogan. It is “A is for Apple, J is for Jack”, how unique and market trendy.

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Buying Guide for Apple Jacks

You can buy it from various locations in more than 100 countries. It’s quite popular in U.S.A. It is a local and traditional food and can be found easily in markets and stores. It is also sold in many departmental stores and grocery stores such as Walmart and ShopRite. Apple Jacks is quite easy to find. You can easily buy it at your local supermarket and grocery store.

When the Kellogg’s rolled out Apple Jacks in 1965, it was not meant for widespread consumption. People didn’t accept it yet, due to its weird flavor. Now, after 50+ years, it has become a favorite all over the world. The possibilities are endless. How would you like to try making your own cinnamon stick apple jacks with your kids? It’s not too difficult. All you need is a cheap bowl. What you want to make is a bowl for apple jacks.

It’s a popular snack food for children, so you can easily buy it on their behalf. But when you’re going to buy it for your own child, you can buy it online from different websites and with free shipping in the USA. Kellogg’s also sell the Apple Jacks online. It is available for sale on their online store. Apple Jacks is pretty much consumed by everyone.

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Speak Apple Jacks

Actually, you can speak Apple Jacks. There are multiple commercials with the characters trying to get them to say their names. But we had to wait until now for the list of the names, you’ve been very patient. Here are the names of the characters in Kellogg’s commercial. They are in alphabetical order. And since Apple Jacks is one of the very old breakfast brands, and it was created in 1965, here are the names of some of the original characters.

  • Jack
  • Ailla
  • Jackie
  • Joey
  • Kneeshaw
  • T.
  • Steve

It ’s also been said that Apple Jacks tastes sweet, crunchy and warm. As it is one of the most popular cereal brands, you can find Apple Jacks in different kinds.  Apple Jacks’ cinnamon stick name is not always Apple Jacks. It was also known as Apple O’s, Apple O’s with Cinnamon, and O’s With Cinnamon. It has been said that it is actually apple butter that is eaten along with the apple jacks.

Apple Jacks Commercial was Made to be Sold

Apple Jacks commercial was quite popular because of the cute characters which are the way they acted, and their funny voice. It became the first commercial to be liked by everyone. Apple Jacks commercial became very popular and everyone remembers it and its references very well. It’s been said that, Apple Jacks is one of the world’s most famous cereal brands, and was invented in 1965.

The reason behind that is that, it is one of the best-selling cereals brand and is on the top 50 best-selling brands in the world. It’s sold to so many countries. It is sold in 150 countries. It’s sold in U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries. It’s sold at Kellogg’s in 25 countries, and the production of Apple Jacks cereal has stopped in many of the countries where Kellogg’s no longer has any operation.

Cinnamon Sticks Apple Jacks is mostly consumed by children. But adults who like this product can also enjoy it. We hope you find Apple Jacks here to be the best place for buying the good breakfast. To know more about Apple Jacks, please visit the Kellogg’s website. Or try to buy Apple Jacks online.

Do you like to buy Apple Jacks? What would you like to hear? Are you looking for a specific type of apple jacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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