Who Won YouTube vs TikTok Boxing

Austin McBroom won the fourth round of Battle of the Platforms, or YouTube vs TikTok. It was a clean, hard-hitting round, with the crowd roaring for both men as their punches landed. The opening round came to an abrupt end when hosts Patrick “PatAchugo” Evans and Mark “MarkMan” Anderson put things in an eight-round tie with these two first-time competitors. The result was a unanimous decision for both opponents. Battle of the Platforms overall ends with YouTube taking five wins and a tie while TikTok comes away with one win and a tie. The tiktok vs youtube boxing gloves are still on, so battle on.

What Happened in YouTube vs TikTok Boxing

Bryce Hall pulled out the upset of the night with a first-round knockout of Mason Brown in the second Battle of the Platforms event of 2018. The first round was the most action-packed of the two, as both boxers threw their punches without a clear lead. Hall started the round with a vicious right hook that knocked out Brown’s mouth guard and sent him down on his knees.

From there, it was a barrage of hard punches from Hall that left the crowd in awe and most people on their feet cheering and shouting. After three rounds, no one could stop Bryce Hall’s vicious left hook, and Mason Brown was down for the count. The undefeated fighter was knocked out by Hall in the second round. Austin McBroom, in fourth round, wins the youtube vs tiktok boxing battle.

Is YouTube vs TikTok Boxing Coming Back for Another Fight?

As for the Battle of the Platforms, it will return next week with the return of Boston’s own Elijah “El-Phanza” Buckley, known by the YouTube nickname “BGN General.” El-Phanza won a fight on stage, and will take on Conor McGarry next Tuesday. Then, on Thursday, TikTok vs youtube boxing will square off against each other. Whichever team has the most victories will take home the first Battle of the Platforms tournament trophy.

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YouTube vs TikTok boxing gives online stars the opportunity to face off against each other for a chance at $100,000 in prize money. New episodes of the YouTube and TikTok episodes will air on the Spike TV channel every Tuesday and Thursday. Fans of the show can also use this exciting hashtag, #BBGN, to participate in the discussion about the show and related topics. If you haven’t watched it yet, check out the YouTube vs TikTok Boxing trailer and tune in to watch the tournament on Spike TV, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom

Bryce Hall, an accomplished bodybuilder and martial artist, has taken up the sport of boxing as his newest challenge. Hall will be facing off against video gamer Austin McBroom in a main event match of YouTube vs TikTok boxing in a few weeks. As both fighters were excited to take the stage in a boxing ring for the first time, the tension in the build-up was evident, but the real battle will happen in the ring.

Bryce Hall is a competitive bodybuilder and has been performing for most of his life. Hall trained hard for the YouTube vs TikTok boxing match, but was pleasantly surprised to come out on top.

The first two rounds felt pretty good. I’m not gonna lie – I was nervous,” Hall said.

“It was the first time I was in a boxing ring, and it’s a different feel when you don’t know what’s going to happen. I was a little shaky in the first round. In the second, I loosened up a little bit more, and I felt more comfortable in there.”

After the first two rounds, Hall and McBroom’s eyes were locked onto one another as they squared off for a third and final round. With several solid jabs and hooks in the third round, Hall was able to knock out McBroom with a hard left hook. But Bryce Hall’s opponent was not the only one that went down in the YouTube vs TikTok boxing tournament. Austin McBroom wins the game of skill.

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How Much Austin McBroom Won In The Battle of TikTok vs YouTube Boxing?

Austin won 1 million dollars. Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom faced off in the first episode of YouTube vs TikTok boxing, but how much did they win? YouTuber and commentator, Chris Lighty, is the brainchild of the reality show and started promoting it on his Instagram page, where he documented each round. Lighty would later write on Instagram that the battle between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom was a “cheat” in a way, because there was no knockdown rule in the show. That means the fight could have continued indefinitely and neither contestant would have been knocked out if they wanted to keep fighting.

But in the fourth round, it was McBroom’s turn to be knocked out as Bryce Hall landed a strong left hook on the game tester. The next episode of YouTube vs TikTok will see the two combatants’ hands raised as the YouTube fighter holds the tournament’s first tournament win, with 1 million dollars. Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom did not let the “cheating” accusation affect them. According to McBroom, the competition has brought them closer together as friends.

We worked really hard for that fight. Even though I got knocked down – there’s no one else I would rather have going into the fourth round with,” he said.

“The three days leading up to that fight were the hardest I’ve ever worked. I felt more physically and mentally fatigued than I ever have. To feel I was able to pick myself up and finish the fight was amazing.”

YouTube vs TikTok boxing battles were fought between the best from YouTube and TikTok and is a must-see event for fans of YouTube and TikTok. The quality of YouTube and TikTok online videos is so impressive and it makes it easy to see why the world is so fascinated by the online video sensation.

What do you think? Does YouTube vs TikTok boxing battle prove that YouTube is bigger than TikTok? Let us know in the comments below.

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