Why is There a White Light on My Google Home Max?

The Google Home Max is one of the most successful devices in Google’s range of smart speakers. The device is perhaps a little bit larger than the original Google Home speaker, so it will not be suitable for all users. The device is controlled via touch controls, allowing you to perform certain tasks via touch. Whilst not as advanced as other smart speakers, it does come with a number of useful commands.

If you’re a tech enthusiast looking for a smart speaker, the Google Home Max is worth considering. If you’re a new user, don’t start off with it as a speaker, instead, start off with the original Google Home. Some people are experiencing a problem with the device, which causes it to run into a number of issues. Google home max white is the symptom. If you’re experiencing this, we’ve got the answer to what is causing this to occur.

Why is There a White Light on It?

You will sometimes notice a white light on the top of your Google Home Max speaker. While this isn’t harmful, it can be confusing for you to see if your Google Home is working correctly. Whilst this isn’t the only issue that is causing issues with the Google Home Max, this white light can be one of the most noticeable when your Google Home Max isn’t responding to your voice commands.

Here’s the solution:

Swipe down from the top of your Google Home Max speaker. You can do this in a number of ways, such as the control panel on the top of it. If the light is on, you will know that Google Home is not responding to your voice commands and is perhaps in need of a software update. You will know if you’re experiencing this issue because you will find the light on your Google Home Max white light will turn off itself.

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Your Google Home Max will turn off itself so you can’t turn it on again. It is then advisable that you check your firmware, as this may be the cause of your problems. It may also be worth trying the following the troubleshooting guides. Let’s discuss the features of Google Home Max device as below:

  1. Build your playlist

Because of the variety of features that the Google Home Max has, you may find that you’re in need of customizing the way that it works. You can find the steps on how to build a custom playlist for Google Home Max here.

  1. Touch commands

The Google Home Max White can be very intuitive and easy to use, but you can get some things wrong. To begin with, if you want to do some touch commands, you’re in luck, as you can easily do touch commands. If you touch the top of the speaker, you can then give voice commands. The video tutorial on how to use this feature is a great way to learn.

  1. Open toggles

The Google Home Max features toggles so you can change the output of your speakers. This is handy if you’re trying to plug the Google Home Max into a lamp, for example. There are five different buttons to choose from; high, medium, low, bass and treble. These buttons are pretty easy to hit, so if you’re a new user, this may be a good way of getting the best audio output.

  1. Plug it into a power source

If you can’t get the Google Home Max to work as the unit is switched off, then you may not be able to get it to work. There is the possibility that you have the unit turned off for too long. You may also need to ensure that you’ve plugged it into a power source, so that it is able to work. To begin, the unit will start scanning and charging your Google Home Max.

You can connect it to your router and then go through the power on the unit check and connect process. You’ll then need to plug it into your router. As soon as the power is connected, you should be able to hear your Google Home Max playing. It’s a good feature to have, and makes it easy to set up the speaker for first-time users.

  1. Enable “Bluetooth on”

If the Google Home Max is playing Bluetooth, then you should see a blue ring on the unit when it’s connected. However, it is possible to change the size of the ring and to enable or disable the “Bluetooth on” feature. If you do have the Google Home Max connected to your Android smartphone and you’re trying to change the ring size, simply tap the speaker and then select your device’s settings from the menu. This is not currently available on iOS, and there doesn’t seem to be an app available to change this.

  1. Repeat the two-step setup process

The Google Home Max uses two-step verification to manage your requests. You’ll need to provide a backup code to use with your Google account, so you’ll need to take some extra steps. You can find out how to do this by going through this tutorial on how to create a new account. This can be a hassle to have to set up a second Google account, especially if you’ve not been using the first one before, but is required if you want to avoid a possible hacker messing up the entire thing.

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  1. More advanced features

If you’re wondering what other cool features there are with the Google Home Max, then here are some extra features that you may find useful:

  • Switch audio input/output from the Chromecast

If you’re playing a music source and the speaker is paired up to a Chromecast Audio device, then you may find that the audio will not come through your home audio device, so the speaker itself will play the audio. To remedy this, you can switch the audio to the speaker. This is handy if you’re trying to play something from your phone on the speaker and you need the audio to come from your Chromecast Audio device.

  • Customization

You may want to change the volume on your Google Home Max. You can set up your Google Home Max White to have a menu button, which can be used to alter the volume. To make use of this feature, you’ll need to enable the volume slider. Tap the blue microphone on the top of the Google Home Max White device and then scroll to the “Select some sound” option. You’ll see the volume slider on the top of the speaker, along with the LED.

The Google Home Max is one of the best smart speakers that we’ve tested. It’s a decent sized speaker that is an excellent fit for most people’s homes. It may not be the best smart speaker on the market if you don’t have large spaces to fill, but for smaller homes, the Google Home Max should be able to fill it perfectly.

It’s compatible with a range of services including Google Assistant, Google Play Music, Spotify and Google Play Movies & TV. It even has a mic that can be used to give voice commands to your Google Home. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, then you can purchase the Google Home Max on the Google Store.

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